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Healing Through Active Travel Program

As individuals or couples work on developing their sense of self and well-being, traveling is often a part of self-exploration and discovery. It is a vital part of healing one’s self and connecting to a larger world and community.

Many people don’t know how to create a rewarding and enriching holiday that allows for personal exploration and growth. Many people are afraid to travel alone or when they do they get overwhelmed by very strong negative emotions such as anxiety and depression and don’t make the most of it.

All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd has created a program designed to extend therapy through travel to one of three locations that our therapist Tammy Fontana, MS NCC, CTRT has built experiences and partnerships within those countries.

The countries selected for our therapy travel programs are Croatia, Finland and Poland. These places offer nature, history, culture adventure and novelty from Singapore. They can help people recharge and learn about themselves and grow as individuals.


Do you want to use your holiday and vacation time for more than just collapsing and being exhausted? Do you want to learn how to really disconnect from the world and reconnect to yourself, so that when you come back from your holiday you feel recharged, reenergized, renewed, a new sense of purpose and meaning? Do you want to find out who you are, test your body, have something to train for, learn something about the world, the culture, enrich your life and connect to the world around you; whether it’s through nature, culture and different activities?

Do you want to have something more than just sitting in bars and restaurants, eating and shopping in different places, rather instead learning about the culture around you, the people around you so that you can learn more about yourself, what you like, what you don’t like, find inspiration, truly disconnect from technology, stress, get lost in an activity… so lost that you lose track of time and really experience what it means to be plain?

Do you want to be able to sleep where you are finally having good-quality sleep because you have exhausted your mind and body, not from stress, not from anxiety but from a fulfilling day in which you spend time in nature, breathing fresh air, using your body the way it was designed to be used and having life experiences that capture your imagination and pull you out of your day-to-day existence?

Where you are actually able to forget your stress, the pressures of life and come so into the moment and be so in the moment that you have no sense of time but just of the moment and what you are doing.

Feeling your breath, feeling your body, feeling your power. Another element of the solo travel or whatever could be learn to like yourself, cause a lot of people are looking for somebody to fill the hole.

Healing Therapy Through Travel

  • Divorcee looking for self-discovery
  • Cancer Survivor wanting reconnect to yourself
  • Want to learn how to like yourself
  • Looking for ways to see and accept reality as it is
  • Self-acceptance
  • Lost your Job and looking find out who you are
  • Looking to expand your meaning of life and it’s purpose
  • Wanting to use travel to reinvorgorate yourself and your life purpose
  • Suriving the death of a spouse or parenter or child
  • Wanting to refind yourself after discovering infidelity
  • Addressing issues of self-esteem and confidence

Our customized and healing travel take therapy to the next level. Our therapist Tammy Fontana will work with you to design a healing program.

We have several levels

Silver Level

Ms. Fontana designs a program for you and takes or planning and booking

Gold Level

Ms. Fontana attends the trip with you. Providing onsite support and therapy after your actiivities

VIP Level

Ms. Fontana accompanies you on all activities. Providing emotional support and guidance. She’ll be there to address issues via therapy. A comprehensive model for complete support and development

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