Sex Therapy Qualifications

Ms. Fontana is one of the few clinically trained Sex Therapists in SE Asia and Thailand. Ms. Fontana completed her certification as a sex therapist in accordance with the professional and clinical guidelines of the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). To date Ms. Fontana has received over 500 hours in sex therapy and training beyond her Master Degree and certification in Sex Therapy.

Ms. Fontana has received ongoing education from Dr. Marty Klein LMFT and Sex Therapist (CA USA) and Dr. Denisa Legac MD PhD Sex therapist Austria. Her deep understanding of family systems, relationships and sex therapy helps her to address all individual and relationship issues.

Ms. Fontana has extensive experience working with Indian Couples facing issues around sex in an arranged marriage and dealing with building a relationship from an arranged marriage. She helps couples navigate the emotional and practical issues for sexual intimacy.

Verification of Credentials

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