Sex & Intimacy Therapy

Sexual functioning, sexual desire, sexual knowledge and sexual intimacy make up the many aspects that people are looking for when wanting to improve their experience of sex. Our USA clinically trained sex therapist is skilled in the various mental health and relationship issues that affect individuals and couples who want a better sex life. 

Arranged Marriage and Sexual Intimacy

  • Sexual intimacy between people newly getting to know one another
  • Navigating expectation setting
  • Learning how to set boundaries
  • Learning how to talk about what you like and don’t like, becoming comfortable with one’s own sexuality.

Men’s Sexual Issues

  • Erectile issues
  • Low desire
  • Sex performance issues due to aging, reduced erection, weight gain or physical issues that affect your ability to perform
  • Sexual anxiety or sexual performance anxiety
  • Sexual mismatch with your partner
  • Lack of ability to connect to your partner

Women Sexual Issues

  • Low or no desire for sex in the relationship
  • Fear of sex followed by negative sexual experiences
  • Reduced desire following child birth
  • Vaginism or pain during sex
  • Fear of sex
  • Discomfort or fear to talk about sex with your partner to get the sexual experience you desire
  • Sexual issues that arise due to medical issues
  • Sexual issues that arise due to menopause
  • Mismatch of sexual desire

Couple Sexual Issues

  • Difficulties to have sex in a high conflict relationship
  • Sexual issues following infidelity
  • Sexual issues resulting from long term problems with trying to conceive a child
  • Sexual issues from family planning conflict
  • Intimacy issues resulting from an inability to agree on various issues such as finances, in-laws, work-life balance, parenting conflict, drinking or substance abuse.
  • Anxiety issues of one of the partner
  • Trust issues in the relationship
  • Inability to negotiate frequency and type of sex
  • Not able to deal with hurts or betrayals in the relationship that result in reduced or no sex
  • Long term lack of sexual intimacy and activity in the relationship
  • Difficulties to discuss the quality and type of sex you would like

We have a wealth of information about sexual matters and have been able to help couples improve their sex life. We can help you individually or as a couple. We can help you start a stalled sex life or address issues related to betrays and hurts that seem to keep you from connecting intimately.

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