Are you wondering how does therapy work? How can a stranger who doesn’t know me at all be able to help me and my problems? Are you just thinking therapy is about tips and tricks and you are wondering why does it cost so much money or take so long? Does therapy just seem like this very complicated process that should just be common sense?

Many people have that feeling because therapy, especially in Asia, has a lot of stigma around it and it’s often unclear how it works. While this document is not comprehensive, it is designed to help you understand a little bit more about how therapy works.

Therapy is a process in which our therapist Tammy Fontana from All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd has developed over two decades through clinical training, supervision and experience, learning how to work with clients in a wide range of cultural settings, intercultural relationships, religions.

Therapy is a process by which the therapist forms a relationship with the client. Through forming a healthy relationship, the therapist heals the client through their relationship by providing them with a healthy relationship. And a healthy relationship starts from the moment you make an appointment in which there are boundaries, processes and the therapist takes responsibility for that relationship by managing the feeling, the processes and providing a safe place for the client to learn about themselves.

Through this therapist-client relationship, the therapist gets to understand how the client thinks, learns about their belief systems and is able to assess how self-aware they are of their feelings, who they are and how they come across. As they build the relationship, the therapist will start to make the client aware of themselves in ways they have never been. The therapist then helps the client to face who they are and reconcile maybe some of the ways they have intentions and how they are coming across. The therapist will make the client aware of their thinking and belief systems that may be creating problems for them in their life and their relationships.

As the therapist helps the client to become aware, awareness is not the end of the journey. The awareness is just the beginning. As the client becomes aware they have thinking errors, they maybe do not know how to process and recognize their feelings, thus creating communication and relationship problems with people, such as their partner, their family, their employees.

The therapist will then start to provide the client with options to correct and update these deficits and their skills. This is the next phase of therapy in which the client starts getting new ways to think about things. It is at this point that the therapist has to help the client process. The client cannot go off and process on their own, they need to process their thoughts, their feelings with the therapist to help guide and update their thinking and belief systems so that they know how to think about things correctly and from the perspective of other people and to learn more and more how relationships work, how boundaries work and so forth and so on. And it is an iterative process.

Therapy is definitely challenging and it requires somebody who wants to learn and grow and the therapist will support them, will give them homework and activities to do in between sessions. Every therapy session is customized and individualized for the couple or the individual. So, no two therapies will look the same because every individual has different skill sets that they are bringing into therapy and the therapist will work to meet the client where they are at and bring them along.

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