Are you struggling to handle conflict between you and your spouse? Are you also having conflict between you and your in-laws? Are you at your wits’ end figuring out how to build a strong relationship with your partner while managing the demands of your in-laws and your parents?

Indian families and Indian marriages are interconnected and create unique challenges for handling conflict. Parents in-laws can have very strong ideas about what the married couple should be doing with their life regarding family planning, where they live, how much time they spend with the extended family. This can create conflict between you and your spouse and each of your families. Boundary setting can be difficult and lead to lots of conflict and misunderstanding.

Our lead therapist Tammy Fontana, has worked with an Indian population directly from India, as well as Indians who are expats in other countries and first or second generation. Her extensive experience in working with a lot of the cultural nuances and belief systems gives her a unique position to help couples examine how they can create better communication and understanding and ideas that a therapist living in the culture may not be able to see.

Everything our therapist does is customized and individuated to the couple. Our therapist works with your ideas, thoughts and belief systems and helps you examine them and see them in ways you may not have. Therapy is a process and part of what Ms. Fontana gives clients an experience of a healthy relationship with good boundaries. She provides a total and complete therapeutic experience and reliance that can take couples from misunderstanding to greater understanding and having better communication, thus building a stronger foundation for family, children and sexual intimacy.

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