Are you considering doing family therapy? Are you wondering what family counselling is and how it can help? Are you a bit nervous to invest time and effort and wondering how somebody who doesn’t know you can help?

All in the Family Counselling Centre helps individuals and couples with family counselling and relationship counselling, parenting counselling and marriage counselling. Therapy is a customized approach to helping people become aware of how their thinking and belief systems influence the way they process their interactions with their partner.

Our thinking and belief systems influence how we communicate. If we have incorrect or inaccurate ways of thinking about people, relationships, children, child development, sex and intimacy, this will affect how we are communicating and can lead to conflict.

Counselling is a process by which the therapist works with the individual or couple or family in order to build a relationship with them to help understand the way they think about things, the way they process information and how well they are able to work with their feeling.

A client’s level of awareness of their feelings and their ability to self reflect and process their feelings is what therapist help clients do. This helps clients to think more clearly, process information better and make better decision. Through this, the therapist then starts to hold up a mirror to the client, or clients, to make them aware of how they are thinking and processing of their feelings and interacting, may be creating them problem. This is the first stage of therapy in which the therapist is helping the client to become more aware of themselves. Often, people are not aware of how they are coming across.

Individuals often have very good intentions, but are not aware that their intentions may not be translating well to the other person. This awareness can be often confronting and difficult but it is the first step of therapy. Once the client becomes aware, they now have some new choices.

 It is at this point that the therapist then starts to give the client new ways to think about things, to help them, therefore see new choices and options that they did not know. This will also produce new feelings and the client will need to think about and process. It is an iterative step.

Another aspect of therapy is the client needs help translating what they are trying to say to their partner. The therapist helps couples through translating what they mean and at the same time teaching them better ways of communication, problem solving, negotiation. This is an on-going iterative process.

Therapy is a process that takes many, many sessions, because the therapist needs to build a relationship with the client, teach the client how to do therapy, how to recognize their feelings separate from their thoughts and actions, make themselves aware and then give them the new skills they need to communicate, problem solve and connect with their partner more effectively.

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All in the Family Counselling is a company registered in Singapore. We work globally with clients around the world, providing online face-to-face therapy. Our therapist has over two decades of experience working with an Indian population, of both Hindu and Islam, Christianity and many other religions and cultures. We customize all of our therapy for you. Contact us to learn more!

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