Is therapy a foreign concept to you? Are you wondering how therapy can help you? Do you long to have better relationships and feel better about yourself, but are very scared to take the first step with therapy? Are you skeptical about sharing very personal information with a therapist?

Therapy is something that’s done behind closed doors, so there is a limited understanding of it. Therapy is a unique relationship between a therapist and a client that is highly customized and individualized. It is not a standard package. So, every experience will be different for every individual or couple.

Therapy does take time and it is a process. The therapist is meeting somebody for the first time, just as the client is meeting the therapist. Both people don’t know each other. Part of the therapy is learning how to build a relationship.

The therapist takes responsibility of that by helping to establish boundaries, rules, process and guiding the client. Therapy is a process of getting to know somebody over time and that is something that the therapy is about.

As the therapist gets to know you, she becomes aware of how you think, your belief systems, your ability to handle emotional regulation, your ability to follow rules and boundaries; and as she does this, she becomes very aware of you. Through this process she will also then make you aware of yourself, your thoughts, your beliefs, your ideas that are limiting you in your life and in your relationship.

Therapy helps people to become aware of how they think. Most mental health issues are not a “doing problem”, they are a thinking, belief or feeling problem and our thinking, beliefs and feelings affect how we perceive the world and what choices we have available to us, and therefore our behavior. So, therapy is really helping people to become aware of their thinking, their beliefs and their feelings and to give them new, better and healthier ways to think and process their feelings.

People require some safe place to learn about themselves in a non-judgmental way, where they can start to develop healthier ways of thinking, processing and therefore be able to see new and better choices to make better decisions and have better behavior.

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All in the Family Counselling Centre has been providing therapy for under two decades in Southeast Asia and Singapore. We are providing, for many years, therapy to clients from India. Our therapy is conducted face-to-face via Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom video. We are able to work extensively with the Indian clientele and their belief systems. Our unique ability to provide face-to-face allows couples to do counselling even if the couples are living apart and we provide retreats and travel therapy for clients wanting to do intensive therapy. Contact us to learn more.

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