Are you considering doing individual or couple counselling or marriage counselling and wondering how fast does therapy work? Are you wondering how will therapy be able to help you and how long is it going to take? Does therapy just seem like this big mystery and you are not sure if you want to go forward?

When people ask how long is therapy, that is like asking how long is a piece of thread. Everything that a therapist does is customized because every individual and couple coming in, while they may all have marriage problems, sex and intimacy problems, communication or conflict issues, every individual and couple is unique in terms of their level of skill and underlying challenges.

So, therapy as a whole does take at least 6-12 months often to address the majority of people. There are many people who have much more complex issues that will require even longer therapy. Types of therapy that will take more than 12 months of regular weekly sessions are things that involve infidelity, compulsive behaviors, sex and intimacy issues, individuals with severe depression, overwhelming anxiety, complex developmental trauma, trauma, abuse. These things are usually very complex and will require extensive therapy.

Why does therapy take so long you might be asking? Because the therapist needs to have time to assess and understand the complex dynamics going on in the individual and then in the relationship. People’s belief systems and the way they think and how well they are able to process and recognize their feeling affect how much work they will need to do to be able to address their issues.

Another factor that affects therapy is how compliant the client is. Many times people come into therapy unprepared and in a very passive mindset. They are not aware how much work that they will be required to do in the session, preparing for the session, after the session and then homework in between.

Therapy is not a passive activity. It actually requires a lot of work from the client to get the most out of it. The best analogy would be related to doing school or homework. So, the therapist is working with the client to help them, but the client is responsible for doing their work, their homework and their processing. If the client is non-compliant, does not follow the instructions of the therapist, while this is a part of therapy, it will extend the therapy. It will take longer. The client will need to become aware of why they are not doing what the therapist has told them to do and this will extend therapy.

So, as you can see there are many factors that go into affecting how long it will take the client to achieve their outcomes and this is something that the therapist and the client are constantly talking about and reviewing and addressing.

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